New Feature: New Settings Page

Settings Page

The new updated Settings page is now presented with 3 tabs:

On the General tab you can set basic parameters:

  • Company Name
  • Homepage URL (the link when you click on the logo in the top left corner)
  • Logo image
  • Favicon
  • Default Image (will be used for default userpic and offers icons)
  • The color scheme of the platform.

URLs tab. As per the title, this page enables you to view/manage the URLs of the platform:

  • Global Redirect URL (for redirection of all inappropriate traffic)
  • Privacy Policy URL
  • Terms URL for Affiliates
  • Terms URL for Advertisers
  • Affiliates Sign Up URL
  • Advertisers Sign Up URL

For Terms, Policy, Sign Up links – you can leave these fields blank, if you don’t want to show these elements to users.

The Advanced tab contains:

  • Language by Default (the default language, if you have several languages in the platform)
  • Language Toolbar (you can hide it, if you plan to use only one language)
  • Default Manager (choose one or more managers, which will be assigned to all new users by default)
  • Minimum Payout for Affiliates (the threshold value, from which affiliates can request payments)
  • Insert Code (a valuable feature, which allows you to add various code, which will be shown on all pages of the platform, like: chats, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, support systems, push notifications, etc.)