New Feature: Advanced Rules

Today we applied a new update to all platforms.


Offerdescription now allows html.

That means, plenty of ways to visualize offers for your partners!
You can even add a video.


New Advanced Rules

In order to make the life of our clients more easier, we made some improvements to our current “Custom Parameters” Tab.
To better reflect the meaning and usage we also renamed it.

Goodbye Custom Parameters and Hello Advanced Rules!

You can find the new “Advanced Rules” section among the others at the Offer’s Edit page.
These rules are used in order to set custom payouts and/or caps for specific or all affiliates along with an ability to set custom redirect rules and date ranges, which these parameter will affect.

The adding form consists of two sections: conditions and parameters.



Conditions section.
Here you define the conditions:

  • Date Start
  • Date End
  • Affiliate
  • Geotargeting. By Countries
  • Geotargeting. By Regions
  • Geotargeting. By Cities

Parameters section.
Select the Parameter you want to change:

  • Payout from the Advertiser
  • Payout for Affiliate
  • Daily cap
  • Monthly cap
  • Total cap
  • Redirection
  • Redirection for Inappropriate Traffic

Logic of the process

Once the advanced rule is added, your platform is checking every transaction/click whether it does meet all mentioned conditions and if yes, applies selected parameters to it.

You can add one or multiple conditions/parameters for one rule.

Multiple Rules are possible, but keep in mind that the logic follows the order of the entries.
The following rule overwrites the previous rule if same conditions are used.


This feature is especially handy for setting payout changes for various date ranges.

E.g. you need to implement the payout increase for all affiliates starting from the next day. Follow next steps to do that:

  1. Just add the start date (set the next day for our example) and don’t add any other conditions in order to have this without an end date and applied for all affiliates:advanced-rules-2
  2. Enter new payout values:advanced-rules-3
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Our payout changes have been added and are shown in the list:
  5. advanced-rules-4

So in our example, the new payouts will cover all conversions for all affiliates which are recorded after the Start-Date of 2016-12-14.
Since no End-Date is selected it will keep this payout until you change it.

Important: use this way ONLY to add or edit all payout changes for the offer
DO NOT try to edit initial payout values at the Details tab of the Offer’s Edit page.
Otherwise this change will affect ALL previous dates and transactions.

Payouts by GEO

You can also set individual payouts for each GEO or Region.
To use this option, just add any geotargeting condition and select appropriate regions if needed, then add payouts:




You can set Daily, Monthly or a Total cap:
That way, each affiliate can have his personal Offer Cap, if required.


You can change one or all three Cap Conditions, according to your needs.

The Count Pending transactions checkbox gives you the ability to apply caps for pending transactions as well.

Note: If you set a custom cap for the specific affiliate and its value is higher than the cap value within the Offer Limitations tab, your platform will use the cap value from the Limitations tab and ignore the advanced rule.


Add this parameter to redirect all inappropriate traffic (wrong geo, cap reached, affiliate is not approved for this offer etc) of an affiliate/affiliates to another offer/offers.


If you choose several offers for the redirection, the redirection to them will be made by order.


All mentioned parameters can be set separately or all in one record (which totally depends on your needs):


To change anything in the existing parameter just click on it in the list and edit the rule.