New Feature: Deep Linking

Deep Linking

Turning on the Deep Link Feature: 

In order to support our E-Commerce customers we developed a custom deep linking feature.

You can find and enable this option during the offer setup.

Providing some clear examples will help your affiliates to understand, how to use the function.

Deep Link Feature for Affiliates: 

Once an offer has deep linking enabled, affiliates will see a new section within the selected offer.
It explains how to use the deep linking feature.

Affiliates als see the description which is provided during offersetup.

How to use Deep Linking Parameter?

In the following example, we are using the Scaleo website as example.

Regular Affiliate Link which will redirect to Main Website:

Deep Link to redirect on the newspage of Scaleo:

Deep Link Reporting:

Used deep_link url’s will be shown in Statistics and appear as ‘Offer’s URL within the reporting