Device Targeting & Improved Offer/Affiliates View

Device Targeting

We are very proud to announce that from today ongoing, you are able to not only target on GEO but also Devices.

And just like everything in Scaleo, we made it very easy for you to work with.
Within any offer just select in the dropdown the devices you would like to target for this offer.


As usual, if you would like to set a redirect in case the targeting rules are not met, you can do that within the Tab “Custom Parameters” of the particular offer.


New Offers-View

Thanks to all the feedback from our clients, we could improve the view for the offerslist.
As you can see, it is even more friendly to read and you got some more space for the offername.

The Offerslist is also responsive and changes according to the size of your browserwindow.


New Affiliates-View

But not only did we rework the view for offers.
Also the Affiliates-List got some great changes in order to help you and your managers with their daily business.

Within the list you can instantly see the last login of any affiliate but also when they sent the last traffic.
This will help you to keep your relationship ongoing and see which affiliate might have any issues you should solve.
So that he keeps running your offers.

The current balance of the affiliate, was moved and you can find it now once you clicked an affiliate and move into the edit window.