New Feature: ISP/Carrier Targeting

ISP/Carrier Targeting

Besides the option to target GEO Locations (Country, Region, City) and Mobile (iOS/Android) or Desktop traffic, you can also target your traffic based on ISP or Carrier.

You can find this option at the “Targeting” tab, within the Offer-Edit page.
Simply select “Connection Type” and pick from the available options.

  • None (all traffic is allowed)
  • WiFi / Cable / DSL / Other
  • Mobile Internet

For Mobile Internet you have an additional ability to choose one or multiple mobile carriers:

You can also leave the Mobile Operator (Carrier) field blank. The offer will then accept all mobile operators, but won’t accept WiFi / Cable… etc.

Note: In order to get a list of available carriers, please select the GEO first and hit “save”.
Clicking on the field Mobile Operator (Carrier) will now show you a list of available carriers for this Country.