New Feature: Mailroom

We are very happy to announce, that all platforms have been updated with our latest feature.


The Mailroom enables Admin and all Managers to send different sorts of emails and newsletters to various sets of users of your platform.

Note: you must change your “Email From” email address of your platform (another than the default Scaleo one) in order to use the Mailroom functionality.

You can find the Mailroom on the left side, within the main menu:

Once you are within the Mailroom you will see an empty list of Newsletters and Emails. Hitting the Add button, will bring you to the adding form:

This adding form has several sections:

Common info section

  • Title. The name of the newsletter, which is shown in the list.
  • Type. The newsletter type: One Time (will be sent immediately), Automated (will be sent on Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis).
  • Sending Date. Available: now (immediately) or a single date for One Time type and the appropriate schedule for Automated type.

Recipients section
Recipients Type:

  • All Affiliates, Advertisers.
  • Affiliates. Will be sent to all or selected affiliates
  • Advertisers. Will be sent to all or selected advertisers
  • Managers. Will be sent to all or selected managers (available for Admin or Full access Managers only)
  • Affiliates running selected offers. Will be sent to all appropriate affiliates
  • Users assigned to the selected manager (available for Admin or Full access Managers only)
  • Users assigned to me (available for Admin or Full access Managers only)

Recipients Status:

  • All. Will be sent to users with all statuses
  • Active. Only for users with Active status
  • Pending. Only for users with Pending status
  • Rejected. Only for users with Rejected status

Content section

  • From. Text beside the email address in the actual letter
  • Subject. The subject of the letter
  • Template. You can choose among Main Template and No templates to be used for your newsletter
  • Body. Enter the letter body here, you can use common HTML markup
  • Available tokens for newsletters are:  {company_name}, {homepage_url}, {platform_url}, {logo_url}, {main_color}, {links_color}, {first_name}, {last_name}, {email}

Attached offers section.
Use this to attach any offers to your newsletter

  • None. Do not attach any offers to the email
  • New Offers (Added within last 2 weeks). Only active offers, which have been added during the last 2 weeks will be attached
  • All Active. Attach all active offers, available in the platform
  • Selected. You can select any offers you like

Once the email is added, you can find it in the list with a basic info:

In the example above all affiliates will receive this email each Friday at 18:00 o’clock.

Email Preview

After adding the email you’ll have an ability to test your newsletter.
Open the added email and find the Email Preview field at the very bottom:

Fill in the email address, which you’d like to receive the email to and click “Send” – a moment later you’ll receive the email.

Mailroom Access

  1. The access could be adjusted for different managers roles. It could be done under Admin in this section: Settings -> Advanced -> Mailroom Access. You can choose among:
    • Admin, All Managers
    • Admin, Unlimited Managers Only
    • Admin Only

    The mailroom option will be available only to selected roles.

  2. The limited manager will be able to see only his own newsletters in the list.
    For the Recipients Type only users, assigned to the limited manager will be filtered and used accordingly.


The Main email template is used by default for all emails within Mailroom functionality. 
But you can use the No Template parameter, which will allow to add all custom markup and styles manually and not be tied with the standard platform’s templates.

Sending emails and newsletters which are resulting in a “Hard Bounce” (email does not exists) can result in having the mailroom functionality restricted.
We strongly advise to check all accounts on a regular basis if the email is up to date. Failure of having a clean email list, could lead to having the Mailroom restricted permanently.