New Feature: Manager Permissions

Manager Permissions

Now each manager in the platform can have one of two roles, which gives them different access levels. This setting can be found at the Edit Manager page:

Full access, as shown, allows to handle all platform data (the same as Admin).

Limited – manager can work with his own users data only. Lets check what exactly the Limited Manager will be able to see on the Platform’s pages.

  1. General.
    • the amount of his own Affiliates and Advertisers (which the particular manager is assigned to);
    • the quantity of impressions/clicks/conversions of his users;
    • registrations/offer requests/postbacks of his users;
  2. Offers. Manager can view details of the offers, which assigned to him affiliates can run. E.g. the affiliate is denied for the particular offer, then his manager won’t be able to check this offer’s details as well. Yes, Limited Managers can only view offers details, but not edit them.
  3. Affiliates, Advertisers. Manager can see only his own users.
  4. Finances. Transactions of his own users only.
  5. Reports. Manager can see only statistics and transactions of his users only.