New Update: Featured Offers

We just added another very handy new feature into Scaleo.

Featured Offers:

Admin and managers can switch any offer to be shown as a “Featured offer”, which means such an offer will stand out among other offers in the list in order to catch affiliates attention. 
This feature can be easily activated at the offers edit page, right bellow the Status section:


Once it is done, all affiliates will instantly see those “Featured Offers” in their Affiliate Dashboard.

  1. The offer appears at the “Featured Offers” tab on the Dashboard:

  1. The offer is marked with a special label in the list: 

Note: keep in mind, that you’ll receive the best performance, when using this feature ONLY for Public and Private offers availability (“For all” and “By request” options) 
If “Featured Offer” is activated for offers, which are hidden or only certain affiliates can see it, it will not be visible to any other affiliates.


All Admin/Full Manager can also quickly see those featured offers by using the filter in the offers overview:


  • Yes – means show only featured offers
  • No – show all common offers, but not featured
  • Not chosen – show all offers, including featured