New Update: Unique Tracking Domains for each Affiliate

Today’s update is kind of a special one, as we introduce you to a very unique and new feature for all of your affiliates.

From now on, every affiliate can setup his very own tracking domain for all your offers.

But also, you as admin will get the option to set multiple tracking domains as well as select, which tracking domain is used for any particular offer

Let’s have a look at those 2 new features:

1. Custom Tracking Domains for Affiliates

Every Scaleo Affiliate is now able to add his very own domains for tracking purposes.
This feature can be reached at the Tools -> Own Domains menu under the particular affiliateaccount.

Adding a new domain is quite simple: Just enter the desired domain name and hit the Add button:

Once the domain is entered it will appear in the list:

Note: Status will only turn to “Active” as soon as the CNAME record is set properly.
Please check with your own hostingprovider about “how to configure CNAME”

All active affiliate tracking domains can be also found on the Offers Details page below the standard tracking link:


2. Multiple Tracking Domains for Scaleo Platforms


Admins of a Scaleo Platform can request adding multiple domains for tracking URLs.
In order to do that, please, just send your request to

Once added, a list of all available Tracking URLs can be found at the menu: Administration -> Settings -> URLs (Tracking URL (secured):

All additional tracking URLs can be used at the Offers Edit page – within the Tracking tab:

You can choose the URL for each offer and exactly this URL will be used, as basis for tracking in this particular offer.
Affiliates will also see only the selected domain in all tracking links for that offer.

Our Plans Scaleo L & Scaleo XL include 1 custom https tracking domain free of charge.
Additional https tracking domains will have an additional charge per month.
However, additional non secure (http) tracking domains are free of charge.

We hope you like the new features and in case you have any question, simply shoot us an email.