New Update: Widgets & Sources

We are very proud to announce our newest update for your Scaleo Tracking Platform.
This update include the following new features as well as some improvement to existing ones.

New Feature: Widgets

Scaleo allows you now to show custom information to your Affiliates, Advertisers or even Managers.
During your daily business, you are most likely have some offers which might need some special attention.

But how can you put your affiliates and managers attention to it? Sure, you could email them, but will they read it?

With our new Widgets you make sure they get the information right there where they are active anyways.
In your Platform.

And here is how it works:

Widgets can be reached through the Administration -> Widgets menu or via the Manage Widgets link (which is shown until you add the first widget).

On the Widget add/edit page you can find such fields:

  1. Name (the title of your widget)
  2. Sidebar HTML. Here you can fill in any info (text, images, links etc.) by using the common editor
  3. Popup HTML. The optional field. If not blank, will display the info, which is entered in this field, when you click on the widget.
  4. Displayed on pages. Here you can choose platform’s pages to show the widget on
  5. Visibility. Set the users access level here. Only selected user’s roles will be able to see the widget on the appropriate pages
  6. Order. You can set the order here, when you have more than 1 widget added
  7. Status. Use this to switch on/off the widget at any time you need.

Tip: use the Toggle HTML button in the text editor in order to add any html code:

New Feature: Sources

This feature allows affiliates to control their traffic performance by assigning a special “Source ID” to each click, based on selected Traffic Types for each Source ID.

The feature is a bit complex to include it in this post, so please head over to our helpdesk article in order to learn more about Source ID’s and how you can benefit from it.

Improvement: Moved Pixel & Postback placement into one Menu (Tools)

In regards of the new Affiliate-Feature “Sources” we combined them into the new menu “Tools” for any Affiliate-Dashboard.

Improvement: Postback & Pixels for Goals

Besides of adding a “PB” or a “Pixel” for offers, your affiliates are now able to insert them into goals of any offer.
Keep in mind, goal pixels cannot be global.

We hope you like the new features and improvements and in case you have any question, simply shoot us an email.
We are happy to help!