Offer Sync

We are very proud to present you our new feature Offer Sync

It might be the most used feature ever, as it will save you plenty of time.

With Offer Sync, you will be able to import Offers from other networks or platforms into Scaleo and also keep them synced on a daily base.

That way, your offers will always be up to date for any changes which might happen to the original offer.

That means, you can simply import offers without thinking about changing rates, caps or anything else as it will be updated on a daily base.

It will save you more time to focus on your affiliate and advertiser relations.

As of now, Scaleo Offer Sync supports the following platforms:
- Scaleo
- Hasoffers
- Affise

Of course we also added a bunch of help articles into our support desk to help you getting started with Offer Sync.

This feature can be found under the tools menu and is available for administrator access only.

Should you encounter any issues with OfferSync, please do not hesitate to contact us.

See OfferSync in Action below: