What to expect in 2019

The year already started and so did we too.

But let’s look back first.

Scaleo did get some great little things over the last couple of months.

So, let’s directly have a look at it!

We added:

– change transaction status by click id through API
– bulk creative upload
– add tags for offers and affiliates
– added Desktop OS for device targeting
– added new export options to the finance section
– added mass Adjustment Feature

Those are the little things, but we are also working on some pretty impressive new features.

In a few weeks we are able to release a big new feature:

Offer Sync

With Offer Sync you will be able to import all offers from other Scaleo, Affise, Hasoffers and Cake platforms into your own Scaleo Platform.

But not only import, you will also be able to sync them on a daily basis to reflect any changes in the original offers.
That way, you don’t have to check for offers changes by yourself and can be ensured that every offer is always up to date.

The following Screenshot shows you a little bit what Offer Sync will look like.

The Offer Sync will make your daily work definitely easier and will allow you to spend more times in analyzing traffic as well as working closer with your affiliates.

In addition, the Offer Sync will be maintained by us and more sources will  be added so that you are able to import and sync offers from any network.

Another new upcoming feature will be:

Smartlink Feature

With our Smartlink Feature you will be able to redirect any traffic to the best available offer for it.
That way, you are able to literally monetise every click.

Although you are already able to do that now by using our Advanced Redirect feature in any offer, our Smartlink Feature will be way more advanced and requires little setup to cover everything.

Another big thing we do have planned for 2019 is our:

Redesign of Scaleo

Scaleo does already reflect a clean and easy to use Interface.
But it might be time to make it even better and go with the time to reflect a modern and still easy to use look and feel.

We really hope you will enjoy all the new things we added and those which will be added over the next coming weeks.

Stay tuned for even more stuff which is coming!

Scaleo Team